What is Affiliate Marketing & how does it work?

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very common term for internet marketers and bloggers. If you have ever searched for different ways of earning money online, you must have read this term on several websites. Affiliate marketing basically is a part of digital marketing or internet marketing which is also the most lucrative way for online income.…

Two Most Important Rules for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is creating a buzz in the Indian Digital Market today and why not when it is the best way to earn huge amount without spending so much time and effort. The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the effort and time to create a product to sell.…

Internet can be Powerful

Did you know that less than 20% of the Indian population has access to the Internet? Out of this small proportion, a dismally small number knows the meaning and importance of Marketing through the Internet. Digital Cash Course is live and online with its training through a Series of chapters providing an in-depth Knowledge of the Internet.  

10 Simple Ways to Earn Online – Internet Is a Money Pot!

With the increasing use of the Internet for every small thing, it has now become much easier to connect with companies, buy and sell, advertise for products, retail your own brand, or to sum it all, Earn a Living online. There are now professionals who are completely dependent on the Internet to make a livelihood…

Internet Marketing is re-Shaping the Globe

The advertising trends in the world are constantly shifting towards Internet Marketing. Experts say that it is the most reliable and valid form of marketing because the results are measurable. One can precisely quantify the data in hand and develop categories to analyze the same. So, exactly, what is Internet Marketing?