How to Write Winning & Catchy Headlines


Do you want to write a killer headline for your blog post to blow away the competition? Do you want to get readers to click on the blog post? Headlines are the lifeblood of landing pages and blog posts – making or breaking the story or idea being communicated.

Headlines play one of the most crucial parts in converting visitors to readers. A good and catchy headline pulls visitors in to learn more while a bad one fails to resonate and loses readers immediately.

But being a writer, I know how it can be difficult to say exactly what you want while staying interesting at the same time. Well, to help you make writing your headline easier I am going to share few simple tips for you. So, let’s dig into getting those headlines read every time.


  1. Solve a problem

No one cares about what you write. Everyone cares about what they’ll find when they search their particular query on the internet. Therefore, if you want best results, use a headline to solve a problem for the reader. Make them realize you’re talking directly to them about their issues.

Say you have a product which is uncommon but you want folks to know about it. In this case, use a headline to first educate what your product is all about and secondly don’t forget to educate on expected benefits. You need to grab attention instantly and show how your product can solve their problem. For example:

  • Let us do the work for you. You enjoy!
  • Enroll our services, we’ll do the rest 
  1. Hit them where it hurts

It’s obvious, if you want to hit them where it hurts, you have to make your audience feel something instantly upon reading your headline. For examples:

  • Did you earn 100% more last year?
  • Don’t spend more money- use these secrets now
  1. Ask a question

Using words like why, where, how, what and when as a lead is a sure way to make the audience think instantly about the answer. Questions call answers, use them to pull the visitors into the copy to find them. However, make sure to not use questions that have a yes or no answer. For example:

  • What will you do if you got stuck in a heavy traffic jam?
  • How would you want to look at your next special event?

So, you get the idea now? If still not? Read the headline of the article which you are reading right now “How to write winning & catchy headlines”. Now, I hope it clears – how easily asking a question can lead anyone to read the entire post. Isn’t it?


Apart from the above tips, you can also use few action words like Buy, Look, Earn, Give, Save etc. in your headlines that make the audience feel movement. For example: “Limited Time Offer- Buy Now & Grab the Benefits”.

Tip: Headlines don’t have to be short, either. Adhere to the nine to ten words headlines and watch how effectively it works.

Have you tried something different to make your web page headline work better? If so, share with us in below comments. J



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