Free Website & Blogging Platforms for Beginners


Do you know- a simple web page having information can do wonders for your business? We all know that before going through advertisements in the newspaper, magazine or phone, we often go through the website of a company whose product or service we are going to use. Today, there are several free website platforms available by which anyone can build their own business or personal website as required without having technical skills.

Yes, here I am going to share few most popular free website and blogging platforms that enable you to create, publish and maintain your website or blog on your own without any technical assistance. Let’s have a look:

  1. Weebly

weebly 23

Weebly is one of the simple platforms for website builder. It has click and drag interface that allows you to create a professional and dynamic website very easily and quickly. One can easily click and drag content elements like pictures, maps, videos and text from the weebly bar to the web page. With this wonderful website builder platform, all you need is a few minutes of your day in front of your PC and website of your dreams will appear before you. The best feature is that when you add a new page to your website, it’s automatically added to the navigation bar so there’s no need to update your navigation again and again.

  1. Webnode


Webnode has incredibly easy interface to use. If you’re a Word user, it is something just perfect for you to create your own website. The one thing that makes it apart from another website builder platform is the way that you create and edit your website. It is more like a CMS (content management system). Using the toolbar, you can change your page layout and design at any time. It also allows for automatic navigation and linking to create and edit your site, so it is best to use if you are going to create a large website with lots of content.

  1. WordPress

wordpressOne of the undisputed world leader for static websites and blogs as well is WordPress. It is one of the easiest open source platforms and that makes it one of the preferred choice for various beginners. Another best feature is that it’s completely search engine optimized, so you don’t have to worry about the Google’s rank. This is not just for basic blogging, you can even find out more at the code level for coding and playing with a blog’s feature.

  1. Tumblr


This is for someone who wants to experience blogging but doesn’t want to commit a large amount of time for it. With Tumblr, it is simple to create a blog and to start posting. Its best feature is that it is very much like social media website and that makes it easier to share your messages with a large number of audiences. Its easy to use interface saves your time and enables you to become a more efficient blogger.

  1. Blogger

bloggerBlogger is the second choice for blogging after WordPress. It is same as WordPress, but the only thing it lacks is the ability to optimize it for the search engines. Simple to set up with drag and drop feature and a free domain with every account, it is best for those who wants to try out blogging without spending money on it.

So, which website and blogging platform you are going to use? Or which one is your favorite? Let us know in comments below. 🙂



  • Vishnu Vardhan (#)
    August 30th, 2015

    Can I now is there any course fee, if so how much

  • Praveen murghai (#)
    October 3rd, 2015

    Less time required, simple to create a blog and start posting, easy to share with large audience, easy to use interface takes less time and makes you more efficient blogger

    August 12th, 2017

    Sir. Total cost for all your modules for the DPC is what and what is the course duration and continued lifetime support even after the course is completed available and any practical training center at Chennai and New Delhi available and course fee for practical lessons is how much?

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