5 Best Affiliate Networks For Bloggers 2015


Blogging with affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you are a blogger, there is no doubt that you joined Google Adsense to earn money, but now if you want to earn more from your blog, try out few affiliate networks to get success in blogging.

Here, I am going to share with you 5 best affiliate marketing programs which every blogger should try in 2015 to monetize their blog:

  • Amazon Associates

amazon-associatesOne of the most popular and best affiliate networks for bloggers is Amazon Associates because here you will get a diverse range of products to promote and earn the commission. With over a million of products available at this online store, one can easily choose the perfect product as per their blog niche. According to the products, you will get 4-10% commission per sales.

  • ClickBank


Another best affiliate network for newbie bloggers is ClickBank. You can join it for free and can earn huge amount via this affiliate network. To know more, you can go through the ClickBank official tutorials and articles in order to promote their products in a right way under their guidelines.

  • ShareASale

sharesaleShareASale is also free to join. Always a contender, it seems to polarize opinions and views a little more than other networks. It is one of the stable networks with a solid history. You can easily choose a product relevant to your blog niche and promote it. The commission rate at ShareASale varies product to product.

  • Thememonstor.com

theme monstor

A marketplace of a wide range of themes, Thememonstor.com is something that is made out of some innovative ideas and some great thoughts behind it. You can register yourself with this marketplace and can provide several featured themes, templates, plugins and many more.

  • eBay

ebayHaving a substitute means of income in today’s economic conditions is now become necessary all over the world. eBay Partner Network helps you in this.  If you want to launch and run a successful marketing campaign of a specific or a number of products, you must join eBay. The commission you earn through this network is good and can differ based on the traffic generated to eBay.



  • Jada Graul (#)
    April 12th, 2016

    Hi, regarding click-bank – are there any recommendations about improving sales on a varied website? I own a file uploading website and as such it’s near impossible to match products to the visitor. regards

    • digital (#)
      April 16th, 2016

      Hi Jada,
      Affiliate marketing works best when you write about that product which you want to promote. In this way, you can convince visitors to make purchase from your affiliate link to earn commission.

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