Steps to Monetize Your Blog via Affiliate Marketing


There are literally millions of bloggers out there in the whole world and you’d think the issue of monetizing your blog would be something that is long solved. Being a part of the digital world, we understand that monetizing anything is always a challenge, but fortunately bloggers have an advantage because of their large body of content.

We know that blogs with quality content and visuals easily attract loyal readers. Since readers gain knowledge and interest from the content offered, over time they start to trust the authors of that content. Therefore, an author’s blogs are an ideal place to promote products which are relevant to its subject without compromising the content integrity.

Here, I’m going to share few steps to monetize your blog via Affiliate Marketing:

  • Select relevant affiliate network


As affiliate marketing is a process about connecting folks with right products, they want you to make sure that you select your affiliate network wisely. Remember, selection of right affiliate products to promote can mean the difference between a good and a poor conversion rate.

So, what type of affiliate network will provide the most relevant ads for your blog? If you want to focus on a specific topic, then you’ll surely join the one who is associated with your content and niche. For example, if you have a beauty tips site, you might apply to be an affiliate with a beauty products dealer.

While you should select networks related to your content, don’t be restricted to stick too closely to your niche. Perhaps your beauty products audience would enjoy other beauty accessories as well.

  • Create interactive and powerful content that sells


Probably you’re already doing this, but if still your audiences are not sticky with your content, then you should start writing more powerful, interactive and engaging content. A famous blog cannot only drive more and more traffic to affiliate networks, but it also carries more weight and trust when it does make a recommendation.

Therefore, while writing for your blog, be creative and always focus to add value to the lives of your audience and make them your priority because without them you don’t even think about blogging via affiliate marketing.

  • Integrate affiliate links properly


While adding affiliate links to your blog, make sure to maintain a fine balance between monetization and user experience. You can easily do this by keeping the majority of your content ad- free.

I would recommend you to link 7-8 great pages of your blog which you think are best to promote affiliate products and then link these pages from your footer, sidebar or somewhere else that will provide them a lot of visibility from other web pages of your blog.

So, now try to monetize your blog with these useful steps and see how easily you can earn good amount overnight through affiliate marketing.

Let us know in comments, if you want to add few more useful steps related to monetizing the blog.


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16 Responses

  1. Sahil Diwan says:

    is this helpful for me

  2. digital says:

    Dear Sahil,
    DPC is helpful for all those who want to make money online and want to work from home.

  3. manoranjan says:

    What the members get from your course? What is the amount you charge for fees?

  4. sanchit says:

    Is it worth spending 4400 bucks for digital marketing course
    Are we getting any mentor or study material
    does it really add value..?

  5. Uday kiran says:

    Hi digital team,Came across ur blog but when i am tryng 2 activate my account the page wasn’t opening..Is there anyway that You can get it sorted out and help me create an account…!!!

  6. aishwarya says:

    Hi ….Actually i am a last year btech ece student ..can i join after completion of btech?

  7. Sweta says:

    I want to join ur site can u Plz tel me what r the procedure

  8. atul says:

    Dear digital team my question is how we will earn money from internet

    • digital says:

      Dear Atul,
      There are several ways to earn money online. We at DPC, will teach you affiliate marketing by which you can earn a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. For more details, pls visit or call @011- 65000778

  9. DINESHBABU N says:

    yesterday i joined with DPC and paid INR 4400/- shall i attend any voice confirmation to start the process and how will start the process.

    • digital says:

      Dear Dinesh,
      You will receive instructions in your account every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please follow the program very closely. We give enough time between so that you are able to follow the program easily and at your own pace. It’s a step by step program – please follow the program as instructed. :)
      For any query, please raise a ticket from our website or call us @ 011- 65000778

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