10 Simple Ways to Earn Online – Internet Is a Money Pot!


With the increasing use of the Internet for every small thing, it has now become much easier to connect with companies, buy and sell, advertise for products, retail your own brand, or to sum it all, Earn a Living online. There are now professionals who are completely dependent on the Internet to make a livelihood and have not looked back.


  1. Affiliate Marketing
    One of the most popular and highly paying methods to earn online is to become an affiliate. An affiliate or a reseller is a person who gets commission for selling a product that he has chosen to promote. The affiliate does not need to go anywhere to sell the products, only promote them on his blog, website, social media forum or avenues such as eBay. The affiliate only needs to register for an affiliate program with a company and start promoting their products using a unique link. There are several companies that offer a variety of products that you can promote and earn.
  2. Freelancing
    Freelancing online is a great way to earn for people who are skilled in one or more areas. For example, you may be a great photographer, who has built an impressive array of photos. There are people who would be interested in your collection of pictures, or agencies who are ready to give you incentives for these photos. There are a lot of websites and companies who are looking for freelancers in areas from programming to content writing to designing and buy their ideas and proposals.
  3. Blogging
    If you are good at writing, be it in any language, or feel passionately about any topic in particular such as music, cooking, movies etc., then you can get your piece of writing published as a Blog. Creating your own blog does not require any extensive skills, but only a rich bank of information on a topic that you have written about. Readers are constantly searching for information, and when they land on your blog, they should feel enriched with relevant matter that they could find nowhere else. This will bring you regular followers, and help you earn by attracting advertisers, or writing paid reviews, or for promoting other’s products on your page.
  4. Advertising
    If you an owner of a blog or a website that you have managed to popularize and attract readers regularly with the information that you provide, you can charge advertisers and place their Ads on your pages. Advertisers look for spaces online where they would get maximum visibility and clicks or sales. The amount that you would get paid per click would depend on the overall traffic that you are able to drive to your page. Google Adsense is the most popular option, but there are several more advertisers present online.
  5. Get-Paid-to Sites
    This is an option that is extremely popular amongst students, freshers, or people who are looking to make a quick and easy buck. There are now many websites that pay you for completing small and simple tasks such as signing up on a website, playing games, subscribing to a newsletter, or filling online surveys. This kind of work requires no skills and can be done in minimal time, and hence it pays you in small amounts. However, it is simple to perform and suitable for people who want to earn for some extra pocket money.
  6. Selling your Own Brand
    If you are creative and can design images that can be printed on products such as mugs, T-shirts, hats, bags etc, you can pocket some good money. You can upload your images on websites that allow you to, and companies who are searching for designs for their inventory would pay you commission in return. If you are wholesale dealer or can make handicrafts or anything unique that would sell online, you can set up an online shop on sites such eBay and earn directly. You only need to get verified as a seller and you can start your own online store.
  7. Upload Videos
    There are many people in the world who are great performers and crave for attention and applause. Many musicians, actors, film makers, stand up comedians upload videos of their performances to reach a wider audience. They not only get noticed but can also end up earning from Ads displayed on their video page. The more popular your video becomes, more are the visitors on your page leading to more clicks and sales on the Ads shown there, bringing in direct commission for you.
  8. Paid Research
    There is often a need for someone who is willing to put in long hours and do all the horse work for you. There are simple research jobs online where you need to work hard and perform tasks for people who do not have the time or willingness to do it themselves. It does not require any specific set of skills such as designing, coding or writing. So if you are the kind who can work sincerely for long stretches but are not specialized in any field, you can still be appreciated and get paid for research work.
  9. Sell Online – photos/old stuff
    Selling old and things that are unnecessary for you has become increasingly popular online. It not only clears out more space in your home, but can surprisingly earn you significant money too. There are several things which may not hold much value for you over time, but can be of great importance to someone else. It can be as simple as selling a domain name which you discontinued using, but a user is looking for the exact name at any price.
  10. Virtual Teacher
    If you are fluent in a subject and have some basic tutoring experience, you can sign up on websites and become an online Tutor. You only need to create a tutor profile with details such as the subjects that you specialize in and are comfortable teaching online, your experience, your preferred timings to tutor students and the charges expected. After your profile is verified, students who would be interested in the same would contact you and set up sessions. This is a great way to teach and earn online according to your convenience.

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70 Responses

  1. expressions on life n designing “giveing life a dress t o measure,
    u r nxt dress of life.”

  2. Ritesh Nagarkar says:

    very nice to earn extra income

  3. S V S NATARAJAN says:

    As a retired person after 43 years of employment experience as senior Engineer at management level dealing with multinationals both in India & abroad of international organisations now very much Interested in earning money as
    1) Freelancer in Content Writing and Knowledge Transferring
    2) Teaching of subjects related to Petroleum Technology (Crude Oil & Natural Gas Production Operations, Export Product Quality Control and liaising with all types of maintenance personnel and importance of Time Management & Team Work etc.




  5. Mitra c k says:

    I want to earn some extra money after post retirement through computer.I have a skill of writing,blogging or some out of the way job also.

  6. MIGHTY BOMBER says:

    Is there certainity of income in any of the 10 ways suggested by you ?

  7. Shirish Shanbhag says:

    Of all the ten points, second and nineth points, “Freelancing” and “Sell on line” are the most appropriately applicable, to do marketing of skills and services of any person on internet.
    Among other eight points, they may not be much applicable to every one.
    Overall, all points are quite informative and helpful, in using internet as a medium for marketing of any products or skills to the masses.

  8. pramod chowdhary says:

    I want to earn during my leisure time

  9. P JEEVA says:

    Good web researcher. Areas proficient: Higher Education, Technical Education, Academic Regulations, Legal aspects,, Quality Management

  10. Neelima Aruru says:


    cpu;d you suggest m with a site that heps in finding legitemate online jobs..

    Thanl you

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  12. sunil sharma says:

    p tjobs

  13. A.Muthuswamy says:

    outlet to sell travel images and travel short films to travel TV channels

  14. A.Muthuswamy says:

    useful service to photographers

  15. Ashutosh says:

    i wanna be a affiliate.for that what i should to do

  16. brij says:

    its a good thing.thank u. I m a spiritual person;and I can teach so many things on life.

  17. i am a retired High School Science Teacher . I would like to be an on-line tutor. I can teach Physics, Chemistry and Biology for students of 6th to 9th comfortably. and effectively. I can tell them the
    stories of their Rapid reader also. I am fluent in ENGLISH, HINDI, AND TAMIL.

  18. I am passionate about teaching on-line to the High School students.. Having 23 years of teaching experience as a Science and Mathematics teacher , I can show practical experiments online. to the students of sixth standard to Ninth[6th to 9th].

  19. M L Bhargava says:

    Please be more informative and give the sites on net where to approach for a suitable work.

    I have also seen ads suggesting some course for giving details of companies which par for clicking an advertisement. Some people say that it is cheating .I feel you must give specific information and help people avoid being cheated.


  20. Kamal Shroff says:

    i would like to sign up for a Freelancing and Get-Paid-to Sites

  21. Kamal Shroff says:

    if you do it right internet is a money pot

  22. henry says:

    i would want to work part time online. kindly let me know if there are any genuine websites to pay me off. -thanks

  23. SITAKANTA DASH says:

    Great learning . I am a professional and would look forward to start something which will benefit me.

  24. Deepak Kumar Aghi says:

    Pls. suggest how I can earn money with Freelancer.

  25. muralidharan says:

    I would like to know more about freelancing and those who encourage freelancing works from india.

  26. Hrishikesh says:

    Really helpfull.

  27. md.shahid says:

    sir , i m interested to know how i can make money from internet pls guide with details i m waiting for urs feed back

  28. Pradeep says:

    Want to know the cost of the course

  29. Bernard Topno says:

    It would be great for me to pay the registration fee, if there is any, by Money Order as I hold only Savings Account, no other Cards system so far. I would soon apply for the Visa Card.

  30. JOY KORUTHU says:


  31. M L Bhargava says:

    Internet is so huge that it is impossible to locate right sites.With frauds and scams of type it is difficult to open every site as it may be treated like an invitation to cheating on my privacy.

    How do we locate above sites and ascertain the safety.


  32. alamrizvi says:

    I am a professional journalist. have 20 yrs experience in the this field. even script and song writing for films is my hobby and profession also.

  33. alamrizvi says:

    As I have gone through it. It looks sound but I need some result from this site as.

  34. Excellent information presented in simple style . Time spend by the reader is 100% justified. Great write up and useful information.

  35. Ravichandra says:

    Pl. furnish details about Get-Paid-to Sites

  36. Girish Pandya says:

    Excellent suggetation

  37. Jothi says:

    I am searching online job

  38. Shah Hemant says:

    Pls send me details of Online earning by promoting products th’r internet. Intersted.

  39. vishwanath reddy says:

    It would be great if you had provided some examples for each way :-) However its useful, Thanks :-)

  40. Abdulkhaleel Mohammed says:

    I am interested to do some smart work on internet to earn smart money.

    Thanks and regards.

  41. Paula Coelho says:

    I would like to earn a small livelihood like teaching English online. Also would like more information on Get Paid to Sites. Could anyone highlight this to me.

  42. S P RAO says:

    I am interested in writing blogs.

  43. TERENCE ABEL says:

    Can you recommend how do i go about finding these money earning sites.

  44. ramesh chander says:

    send details hows to get money online

  45. Marfath says:

    Awesome post ! I like Freelancing a lot !!

  46. Pradeep says:

    Can you please suggest some good web sites that pays promptly. Because most of them are found fraud. After working they never pay.

  47. Rajan Menon says:

    I am skilled in writing – content material, good typing speed, well versed with I-net. Looking for some additional income through these avenues.
    Please revert

  48. ASHESH TRIVEDI says:

    I would love to earn online by Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Advertising, Paid Research.

    Waiting for your comment.

  49. Am ready to freelance by writing articles in English regularly

  50. Radhika Rathod says:

    Hi, I wish to get in touch with some websites which offer Virtual Teaching and blogging and affiliate marketing and advertising. Would appreciate if you could send me some details about these which are genuine websites. Thanks.

  51. devender sharma says:

    willing to provide the recruitment services to hotel industry

  52. pradipta says:

    I am already doing data posting for an organisation on their website, other social medias and maintaining blogs of two organisations. I also write their media reports. I also write and post various articles and share my experiences in small magazines and news channels.

    But, am not satisfied with the money I am earning.

    I would like to do this kind of online jobs more to improve my financial situation.

  53. sanjiv tripathi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to work online part time like you suggested for blogging or create website. Currently I am living in Mumbai. Can I join this course?

    Thanks & Regards,

  54. Mohd Tahir says:

    nice effort

  55. Aswathama says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    Myself Aswathama.K from Chennai. Actually I have come across your website online. I am very much interested in Digital Profit Course. Could you please explain me in brief like how Digital profit course helps in making money. And from the payment date how many days will it take to earn for me. pls help me out.

  56. Ashmi says:

    hiii..DPC, I would like to work here online partly.. I need to know whether the work will distract my current job.. likewise overtime.. or has any required time for it..

    • digital says:

      Dear Ashmi,
      DPC is an online course designed in such a way that members can access it from anywhere and anytime. Whenever you have time, you can access the course to learn the techniques. There is no specific and fix time to access it.

  57. Ishan malik says:

    How to create a blog

    • digital says:

      Hi Ishan,
      All the details of creating a blog is given in the course. If you are our member, please raise a ticket from our website and our experts will help you out or you can call us at 011-65000778.

  58. Noor hamza says:

    I think all is right

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